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Children's Eyetests

Under 16's and under 19's in full time education are entitled to fully funded NHS examinations and glasses.

Concerned that your child may have some reading difficulties associated with Dyslexia or Irlen Syndrome?
We have invested in the latest computerised testing to allow us to find the correct coloured overlay or tint for your glasses that may help the text become clearer and more comfortable.
Please request this test when booking an appointment. There is an additional cost of £35 for this assessment.

OCT scan

A unique test that uses near-infrared light reflected off the retina to produce a 3-dimensional scan of the retina.
Particularly useful in the detection of macula degeneration. An OCT scan is part of our 'gold standard test'.

Optomap - ultra wide field retinal imaging

In January 2017 we invested in the latest scanning laser ophthalmoscope making us the very first optician in the UK to have the Daytona Plus Optomap instrument. The Optomap takes a far superior image of the retina over regular fundus photography with the added ability to show fundus auto fluorescence. It is also ideal for children. We charge £25 for Optomap on top of the NHS sight test fee.

Retinal photography

Keeps a detailed record of the optic nerve head and macula. Useful to compare sequential photos over a period
of time for detecting minor changes. Forms part of our Comprehensive eye examination. £14.00 fee for NHS


Running low on lenses?

Please email to order more lenses telling us:-

(1) How many lenses you want.

(2) Whether you want to pick up in store or have them delivered.

(3) If you want the payment added to your Direct Debit or to pay on collection.

We can only add to your Direct Debit if you have your aftercare package on Direct Debit but we can take credit card payments over the 'phone. This service is an easy option for existing customers but if you can send us your contact lens prescription we would be happy to supply lenses to an in date and signed prescription. 

Visioncare plan 

Our contact lens visioncare plan is £8.50 per month and includes

  • Annual contact lens check-up and free refitting
  • Comprehensive eye examination including ultra-widefield Optomap retinal imaging
  • 20% off all glasses and sunglasses with the option to pay for these over 4 months by adding them to your Direct Debit.
  • 10% off eye drops and solutions 
  • Home delivery is included as standard 
  • Problem solving appointments where required at no extra charge


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